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The company OCCHIO produces and offers you, since 2001, a wide range of instruments for wet and dry applications in particles size analysis and shape characterization. We offer a complete line of imaging particle analyzers to analyze powders, suspensions, emulsions & foams. Particles ranging in size from about 200 nanometers up to several centimeters may be measured. Using a unique optical design, these instruments produce high quality images which are processed using the robust algorithms developed by OCCHIO

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Our particle size analyzers line is componed with several systems to cover different applications:

ZEPHYR Line: for particle size and shape analysis in size range 20µm up to 3 cm. Perfect for quality control of granule, sand, ceramic, fiber etc..

OCCHIO 500nano line: These aparatus is used to analyze fine powders in range 0.4 µm up to 3 cm

OCCHIO Flowcell FC200 line: To analyze suspensions, emulsions, foams...(0.2µm up to 1 mm)

OCCHIO SCAN600: this instrument is easy to use for quality control. We can analyse texture of bread, lenght of fibers, size and shape of tobacco etc...

OCCHIO is always developping new concepts by image analysis technique, enjoy your visit on our website...

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